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Our Breads

Country Bread Basket makes hand crafted breads from scratch and most of all it is flavourful. We take great care in insuring that all ingredients are natural and without preservatives so it shows in every loaf.

Delicious Breads at The Country Bread Basket Bakery & Coffee ShopOur bread starts with great flour and attentive measurement of every component, the weight of each ingredient precisely measured.This care and attention to detail is a hallmark at each step in the process. This ensures the rich flavour is fully developed. We carefully follow each batch of dough to ensure it is at the correct temperatures at the right time and watch humidity levels since there is a big seasonal variation here in Nova Scotia.

We follow each batch from mixing to pre-shaping then to molding and finally proofing. The personal ownership of our work at each step in the process is a key reason that our bread tastes so much better than other breads. Each batch is checked more than 20 times over the process. Delicious Breads at The Country Bread Basket Bakery & Coffee ShopWhen your personal reputation as a baker is on the line with each batch you create, you take the extra care to ensure it is the best.

Far, far different than the industrial model where you operate one machine for your shift, never making a loaf of bread from start to finish during your entire time we hand mold each loaf of bread to ensure a lighter, airier crumb or inside of the bread, whereas mechanical or factory shapers ensure smaller air bubbles inside the loaf.

We bake our bread for you and your taste and strive to maximize the flavour for you. The high temperatures and our watchful eye ensure the loaf that you take home is perfect. When you see the commitment to producing the perfect loaf of bread, it is little wonder that you will want to take one home.

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